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Your reliable, friendly mechanics bringing you affordable, professional repairs and much more!



Established over 30 years ago, Columbia Motors has always been a much loved garage in the heart of Rishton, Lancashire.  Run by owners, Chris and Rhian Eastham, Columbia Motors offers a friendly smile and welcoming service.


Chris, also the chief mechanic, is exceptionally proud to offer an open and honest service wanting to move away from the stigma that is often attached to the 'backstreet garage'.  As a customer of Columbia Motors, we want you to understand the reasons behind any work that may be needed, as well as tips on how to help maintain your car yourself.  


Other members of staff here include:

GETHIN - Class IV MOT tester and motor mechanic.  He is often found in our bottom workshop slogging away at some of the bigger jobs, including clutches, gearbox issues and timing belt changes, to name a few;


BARRIE - Chris' Dad.  He came in to help us out for a few months when we first opened.  Ten years later he still comes in - we would not cope without him!  You can often see him for a couple of hours each morning (except Wednesdays when he likes to play golf).


STEPH - Our neice.  Steph is found in reception keeping all our paperwork in order.  She's the one with the big smile!